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Learn at home, in your own time and at your own pace. All purchases include a complimentary monthly photography magazine + past editions (81 editions available to download).

Online Photography Course + Cheat Sheets

Learn how to make full use of your camera. Photography doesn't need to be over-complicated. This photography course has been developed for beginners - intermediate levels. Was $79, today $37.

100 Photography Assignment Sheets

Hands down the fastest and most active way to grasp key concepts of photography. If you’re not one to sit down at a computer and study, then these sheets are the perfect solution. You can think of them as see and do cards. Was $49, today $34.

Mastering Focus Guides

These guides will help you to capture sharper images. Focus is not something you can fix in post-processing software. You’ll either have good focus or you won’t. Was $34, today $29.

Nailing Exposure Guides

Want to capture the same detail and textures in your images that other photographers achieve? The secret has more do to with your metering and exposure technique than anything else. Was $34, today $29.

Landscape Photography

Learn how to capture breathtaking landscape images with this online photography course. Jam packed with photography tips and key techniques to help you become a better landscape photographer. Was $79, today $37.

Bird Photography

Learn how to capture beautiful photographs of birds. Get gear recommendations for every budget, and learn how to quickly adapt your camera settings for quality results in any weather. Capture birds in flight with tack-sharp focus using foolproof techniques and more. Was $79, today $37.

LONG EXPOSURE Photography Guides

Long exposure photography opens up a new realm of artistic expression with your camera. Blur the clouds in the sky, or photograph moving water as though it’s movement has slowed considerably. Was $34, today $29.

27 Flash Guides

These Flash Guides are for photographers who own a Speedlight and want to learn how to use it. If you set your flash up, cross your fingers, and hope it works, then these are the guides for you. Was $49, today $34.

Night Sky Photography

Whether you are a beginner that just got their first camera or a professional looking to branch out into astrophotography, this course will teach you how to capture beautiful images of the night sky. Was $79, today $37.

Bird Photography Guides

There’s nothing more frustrating than missing that perfect shot because you don’t have the correct camera settings. These quick reference guides will help get you into the right ball park as fast as possible. Was $34, today $29.


Understanding and utilizing natural light effectively is a crucial skill for photographers, as it can greatly impact the overall quality and aesthetic of their images. Photographers often prefer natural light due to its softness, and ability to create mood and atmosphere in images. Was $34, today $29.


For photographers looking for inspiration, guidance, and ideas for their close-up photography adventures. The projects provide a structured way to explore new techniques and subject matter, and can help you break out of your creative rut. Was $34, today $29.

Photo Edit Like A Pro

Learn how to edit photos like a Pro while improving your Photoshop and Lightroom skills. Each lesson is available as online video streaming, as well as an option to download for offline viewing. Today $97.

Workflow Actions For Photoshop

Speed up your editing workflow with these Photoshop Actions. This Action set focuses on what’s necessary to make editing faster and easier to achieve natural tones and beautiful photos. Was $49, today $29.

Black And White Photography Guides

Do you want to take your black and white photography to the next level? These guides will encourage you to look at the world in a new way, relying on shape, texture, and intensity of light, rather than colour, to create eye-catching images. Was $34, today $29.

Dedicated To Macro

Learn how to use your dedicated macro lens to capture amazing images of insects and other tiny creatures. This course also covers other well known macro subjects such as flowers and waterdrop photography. Once you know essential focusing techniques and how macro optics work, macro photography is one of the most enjoyable photographic genres there is. Was $79, today $37.

Photographic Composition

Learn how to create visually stunning images time and time again with proven photographic techniques that professional photographers use in their work. Open to any one of the 132 pages to grasp a composition technique you can immediately put into action. Was $34, today $29.

101 Ways To Make Money From Photography

Packed with insider tips and practical strategies, this ebook discusses 101 ways you could earn money as a photographer! Was $27, today $15.

Photographer's Guide To Marketing

Recommended for beginning and established photographers who want to learn how to make the best use of social media for growing a successful photography business. It will help you put in place a strong foundation for building your Facebook and Instagram account, then show you how to turn your Fans and Followers into customers. Also covers websites and blogs. Was $79, today $37.

42 Photography Cheat Cheets

Our photography cheat sheets are now available to purchase separate to our Photography Course. If you've already signed up for our DSLR Photography Course then you already have these available within your course content. Was $34, today $15.

Creative Flower Photography

Learn how to create flower photos that stand out from the crowd. Take your photography from 'Oh that's nice', to 'Wow I love that!' Learn how to be more creative, photographing a subject everyone can get easily get their hands on, flowers. Was $79, today $37.