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Have you ever purchased a Speedlight with the dream of learning flash photography, only to find it all too hard to understand? So instead, you decide to put the Speedlight away on the shelf, never to touch it again. Don’t feel bad my friend, this is a common scenario. Every new Speedlight owner started where you are today.

We all know natural light is fantastic, but it’s not always convenient. When shooting in low light, you don’t always want to raise your ISO and capture grainy images that look terrible on a computer screen. The good news is, flash photography really isn’t as hard as it seems. All you need to do is grasp several key concepts and you’ll be on your way to capturing beautifully lit images every time. No more praying that your images turn out.

Who Are These Flash Guides For?

These Flash Guides are for photographers who already own a Speedlight and want to learn how to use it. If you set your flash up, cross your fingers, and hope it works, then these are the guides for you. 

If you already know how to capture great looking images with your flash, these aren’t for you. They also don’t explain expensive studio lighting or multiple flash techniques. They are simply for those who have purchased their first flash and want to quickly understand how to use it without the frustration.

What You Will Learn

  • Quick GoTo Flash Settings for indoor and outdoor portraits
  • How to avoid blown out images that are over-exposed, or backgrounds that are too dark
  • How to use TTL (AUTO) and Manual Flash Modes
  • Learn how ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed effects the result coming from your flash
  • Mixing Flash and Ambient Light
  • How to use High Speed Sync so you can capture images at any time of the day in any lighting conditions
  • Learn how to soften flash light so it doesn’t look like an 80’s magazine cover
  • How to place a catchlight in your subject’s eye
  • Learn how different camera modes require different flash settings
  • Discover how reading your Speedlight’s distance scale will tell you if the settings are suitable before you even take the shot!
  • And much more

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Finally learn how to use your Speedlight!
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