Photographic Composition Techniques

Your Ultimate Guide to Composition

Photographic Composition Techniques - Ebook

Have you ever wondered why some images work while others are just 'blah'? Here's a secret. It has nothing to do with the equipment you use and everything to do with how you use it. Learn how to create visually stunning images time and time again with proven photographic techniques that professional photographers use in their work. Open to any one of the 132 pages to grasp a composition technique you can immediately put into action.

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  • Visual Weight
  • Patterns, Textures & Repetition
  • Establishing The Natural Flow
  • How To Create Balance
  • Diagonal Compositions
  • Framing Your Subject
  • Depth Of Field & Lenses
  • To Center Or Not
  • Filling The Frame
  • Leading Lines
  • Use Of Color In Compositions
  • Color Verses Black & White
  • Rule Of Odds
  • Establishing Scale
  • Using Symmetry
  • Figure To Ground
  • Advantages Of Vignette
  • Rule Of Thirds
  • Golden Triangle
  • Golden Ratio / Section
  • Golden Spiral
  • Portrait vs Landscape Framing
  • Should You Crop?
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Using Juxtaposition For Interesting Compositions
  • Anticipating Great Images
  • Breaking The Rules
  • and more ...
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