Nailing Exposure Guides

It is said that when it comes to photography ‘Beauty is in the details’. But have you ever wondered why you can’t capture the same detail and textures in your images that other photographers achieve? The secret has more do to with your metering and exposure technique than anything else. 

Who Are These Exposure Guides For?

These Guides are for photographers who want to learn the best techniques for capturing high detailed images. It’s important for photographers to fully understand their camera’s light meter and how to adjust their exposure for any given situation. 

The most eye catching images are those that contain detail in both the shadows and highlights. You need to know how metering modes read the scene and when to adjust your exposure accordingly. Not all metering modes are equal. You can photograph the same subject, and depending on what metering mode you are using, the correct exposure can be anywhere from -2 to +2. 

Relying on your cameras default meter reading isn’t the best option, especially if you want to capture high details in your pictures.  

What You Will Learn

  • From where and how to take a meter reading that will result in awesome details and texture
  • How to expose for high contrast scenes
  • Best techniques for exposing skin tones
  • Learn how to properly expose landscapes that will give you great detail in both the shadows and highlights
  • Why you should ignore our LCD screen and read your histogram instead when out in the field
  • How to handle colors that reflect more light than others and therefore always look washed out in good lighting
  • Learn how to adjust techniques taught in Ansel Adams Zone system for the digital world
  • How to set exposure in advance while waiting for a moving subject to enter the scene
  • And much more

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Finally grasp techniques that help you capture sharp detail and texture
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