28 Quick Reference Bird Photography Guides

bird photography

Have you ever been out photographing birds and come across a tricky lighting situation that you weren’t sure how to handle? Or maybe you just want to capture a sharp image of a bird in flight? There’s nothing more frustrating than missing that perfect shot because you don’t have the correct camera settings. These quick reference guides will help get you into the right ball park as fast as possible. 

Who Are These Bird Photography Guides For?

These quick reference guides are for bird photographers who need quick goto camera settings to print out or use on a mobile device when out in the field. 

Note for those taking our Bird Photography Course: These guides are different to the cheat sheets you already have in our course. 

What You Will Learn

  • Quick goto camera settings for 28 bird photography scenarios
  • How to capture sharp images of birds in flight
  • Best settings to photograph birds in poor lighting
  • Learn how use exposure compensation for all kinds of tricky lighting situations 
  • How to handle backlighting, side lighting, and capturing silhouettes
  • How to create beautiful background and foreground blur
  • Learn how to photograph circular bokeh in your images
  • When to use a specific metering mode over another 
  • How to photograph a white bird on a white background
  • Best camera settings for capturing a white bird on a dark background, or a black bird on a light background.
  • Mixing Flash and ambient light for bird photography
  • And much more

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28 Quick Reference Guides For Bird Photography
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