Long Exposure Guides


Long exposure photography opens up a whole new realm of artistic expression with your camera. It allows you to be more creative, in any lighting situation. For example, blur the clouds in the sky, or photograph moving water as though it’s movement has slowed considerably. It involves using a long-duration shutter speed. Often in low light conditions. These guides will help get you off to quick start with camera settings and simple to follow techniques.

Who Are These Long Exposure Guides For?

These Guides are for photographers who want to learn our best techniques and easy to follow camera settings for capturing long exposures.

If you want to discover something new and expand your photography skills then these guides are for you.

What You Will Learn

  • You’ll be able to create water movement with just the right amount of blur.
  • You’ll learn quick go to camera settings for numerous long exposure situations like waterfalls, seascapes, night photography, sunsets and sunrises and much more.
  • Learn when you should and shouldn’t use a filter, and if you do, how to choose which one to use.
  • Step by step setup for long exposures.
  • How to calculate exposure times.
  • Lenses and gear recommendations.
  • Learn about exposure bracketing and why it’s important for long exposures.
  • and much more

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