Creative Flower Course

Learn Photography At Home, In Your Own Time, At Your Own Pace

Creative Flower Photography      

Learn how to create flower photos that stand out from the crowd. Take your photography from 'Oh that's nice', to 'Wow I love that!' Learn how to be more creative photographing a subject everyone can get easily get their hands on, flowers. Lessons cover in-camera techniques as well as post processing (Lightroom or Photoshop). If you don't have editing software, I also give tips on creating similar edits with Tablet Apps.

Was $79, Today Only $37

Shoot Photos Like This In-Camera

Learn in-camera techniques for simplying a busy background.

Learn how to shoot like this

Learn how to create a blury haze around your main subject in-camera.

Create Ghost Petals in Photoshop

Learn editing techniques that take your creations into another league.

Easy DIY Light table

Learn how to make an easy DIY light table to capture pure white backgrounds. Learn techniques for capturing and editing a flower image that looks as though it's petals are dancing.

  • Learn how to create your own textures (Photoshop + Tablet App)
  • Learn pro techniques for applying textures to your flower images
  • Create color vignettes (Lightroom + Photoshop)
  • Learn how to capture creative blurs in-camera
  • Capture double exposures in-camera
  • Light painting
  • Texture backdrops in-camera
  • Discover extension tubes
  • and much more
  • FOR $37 you get:

    • 14 Lessons To Date (will be ongoing)
    • Learn Camera Settings + Edits
    • Available on desktop, tablet and mobile
    • PDF step by step of each edit
    • JPEG files so you can follow the edits
    • Learn at home, at your own pace
    • Complimentary Facebook Group
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee