101 Ways To Make Money From Photography

Do you want to make money doing something you absolutely love?

There is always an opportunity for a photographer. Just when you think the photography business is oversaturated, there will be plenty of new photographers who buy their first camera today, who continue on to making a part time or full time living from it. Why shouldn’t this photographer be you? 

I get it, you might think there are so many great photographers out there that you can’t compete. I’ve been there! The truth is, there are far more opportunities to earn money as a photographer now than there was twenty years ago. This digital era has made it much easier for all photographers to promote and sell their images or services to a much wider audience. 

Whether you want to earn a full time living doing something you absolutely love, or simply want to earn a side income to help pay the bills, or maybe buy new camera gear, this guide has plenty of proven ideas to help get you started. It doesn’t matter what genre you shoot, there is always a way to make money from it today!

Packed with insider tips and practical strategies, this guide will show you 101 ways to make money from photography.


What level of photography is this guide for?

Whether you are an enthusiast, beginner or a professional photographer, you’ll learn plenty of methods to turn your photography into cash. Even those who shoot with their mobiles can make money. I know many photographers who easily sell iPhone images online or at weekend markets!

Who wrote this guide?

My name is Tanya Puntti, the creator of SLR Photography Guide. Having made a full time living from photography for over 15 years, I understand that being successful means implementing several different methods. Rarely do you see a photographer nowadays who makes a living selling beautiful prints without other side hustles at the same time. Over 300,000 photographers trust my expertise to improve their skills through my online photography courses and social media profiles.


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Packed with insider tips and practical strategies
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