Quick tips for turning a Nikon and Canon digital SLR camera back to original factory settings

Digital SLR cameras offer so many different settings, it’s often hard to keep track of what one’s you have changed. Any photographer who has given his digital SLR camera to another person for a day or two, will understand how hard it is to try and guess what settings were changed so it can be put back to the original state.

How to change a Nikon D40 back to default factory settings?

  • Press the ‘menu’ button on the back near your LCD display.
  • Press the left button near the ‘OK’ button to make sure you have the left side of the menu highlighted on the LCD display.
  • Use the up and down buttons near the ‘OK’ to scroll to the ‘pencil’ icon.
  • When the ‘pencil’ icon is highlighted, press the right button near the ‘OK’ to highlight the right side.
  • Scroll up and down until you have ‘Reset’ highlighted, then press ‘OK’.
  • Scroll down one to ‘yes’, and press ‘OK’.

Your default factory settings are now back to when you originally purchased your Nikon D40 camera.

How to change a Canon 400D back to default factory settings?

  • Firstly press the ‘menu’ button, then the up button above the ‘OK’ as many times as needed, until you see the top folders are highlighted.
  • Press the right button near the ‘OK’ until you see the last folder highlighted. You will know this is highlighted when you see the first menu option that says ‘Language’. The 3rd one down from that says ‘Clear Settings’.
  • Press the down button under the ‘OK’ until ‘Clear Settings’ is highlighted, then press the ‘OK’ button.
  • Scroll up to your choice and press ‘OK’ to reset your Canon 400D back to default factory settings.