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24 Free online magazines to help improve your photography

There are literally hundreds of online magazines freely available to help you learn your camera and improve your photography skills. Many are the same magazines you'd buy at your local newsagency and others are created specifically for an online audience. Here are 24 of my personal favorites. Click the magazine cover to read in your browser, iPad or tablet, enjoy!

Working Pro AIPP online magazine

SLR Photography Guide - Our course magazine, March Edition.

Working Pro AIPP online magazine

Working Pro - Australian Institute of Professional Photography.

Digital Camera World

Get more from your DSLR - Take fantastic photographs at home!

The Exposure Magazine

Learn 21 easy ways to become a better photographer.

Mastering Colour

Complete Photography Guide- Mastering Colour.

Master Light

Complete Photography Guide - Mastering Light.

Advanced Photoshop

Advanced Photoshop - Top 100 Phoshop Tips.

Mastering Composition

Freelance Complete Photography Guide - Mastering Composition.

Mastering Exposure

Complete Photography Guide - Mastering Exposure.

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photo Techniques for digital photographers.

Lighting guide to taking better photos

Photography Lighting Guide - Older version but still relevant.
Photo technique

Photo Technique - Lens mysteries of focal length and focus solved.
Photography Monthly

Photography Monthly - Fine Art mixing business + pleasure.

NPhoto Magazine

Learn how to photograph the art of boudoir.

Photo Insights

Photo Insights- A magazine devoted to photography.

Black and white photography

Learn about black and white Photography.

Fullframe Photography

Fullframe Photography - Cultural and Travel Issue.

Photographic Fanatic

Photographic Fanatic - Learn how to shoot at night.

Outdoor Photography Magazine

Landscape, wildlife, nature and adventure photography!

Freelance Photographer Magazine

Freelance Photographer - Printed media, maximise your sales.

Photography mag

Amateur Photographer - Macro lens roundup, learn from experts!

practical photoshop

Practical Photoshop - Learn how to create amazing photos!
online photography magazine

Practical Photoshop - The secrets of creating retro photos.
Photoshop magazine

Practical Photoshop- The secrets of layers and masks.

Note: I'll be adding to this page regularly so it might be one you want to bookmark!

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