Baby photography tips, how to photograph your baby

by Tanya Puntti

Baby photography tips

baby photography

Professional photographer and mom Tracey Clark, shows you how to create treasured baby photo’s you’ll want to keep and show off to all your friends and family. Her top tips for photographing babies include:

    • Take lots of photographs. More than you normally would in any other photo shoot. This gives you a greater chance of getting that perfect shot.
    • Don’t do it all yourself. Have someone help you entertain your baby, while you concentrate on taking the photographs. This will minimise your chances of missing that smile or cute facial expression.
    • Use your camera’s burst mode (also called continuous mode) so you can fire off numerous shots in quick succession.

  • Choosing the right light is important to create softer shades and all round tones on the babies skin. Early morning, late evening, or shady area’s of the house and yard is good for baby photography. This will also ensure you don’t have lots of shots of your baby squinting. Also, turn off that flash and use natural light where possible to stop colors and facial features from looking washed out.
  • As with all photography, you should try avoiding distracting background elements like toys. After all, your baby should be the main centre of attention, not that bright teddybear in the background. You can create a neutral background with the use of pillows or blankets placed around your baby. The video demonstration further down this page will show you how to do this.
  • Choosing the right time when your baby is happy and smiling is also important. For example, just after a feed is a good time for baby photography, as is nap time. Some of the cutest photo’s can be taken when your baby is sleeping.
  • Be creative. Often some of the best shots are imperfect. For example, photographing only their small feet, or part of the face, can be just as memorable than a full portrait style shot.
  • Above all else, make it fun for both baby and mother. Know when enough is enough.

The tips shown in the demonstration below, explains the best time of day for taking perfect baby photo’s, the right lighting, as well as how to create neutral backgrounds for taking great portrait photos.

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